2024 6th International Academic Exchange Conference on Science and Technology Innovation
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Xiaoxin Zhou
Title: construction of new power systems and energy storage
Licheng Li
Title: constructing new power systems towards "dual carbon" goals
Wei Wei
Title: Gradient-driven parking navigation using a continuous information potential field based on wireless sensor network
Nan Hu
Title: Harnessing architected materials toward resilient and adaptive structures
Yang Yang
Title: Construction and Thinking of National Standard System for Engineering Structure Monitoring
Xianwei Wang
Title: Levee 3D Visualization and Performance Assessment using Airborne Lidar in the Pearl River Delta, South China
Ping Xiang
Title: Running safety analysis of high-speed train running over bridges under earthquakes
Faxing Ding
Title: Damage ratio strength theory for concrete and isotropic rock
Xiaobo Fan
Title: Energy Storage Technology Enable the Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals
Nian Liu
Title: Optimal Energy Management for Integrated Energy Systems
Qingshan Xu
Title: Research on Key Technologies of Digital Perception and Application in Low-Voltage Station Areas
Zehui Zhan
Title: Blended learning and the emerging technologies in the intelligence age
Daowen Qiu
Title: Fuzzy discrete event system: Supervisory control and fault diagnoses
Xiaohui Zou
Title: How to steadily improve the teaching quality with human-computer collaboration?
Anhui Liang
Title: Natural Biological Optical Fibers, Biological Diodes, Biological Transistors and Biological Lasers in Biological Bodies
Qingsheng Zeng
Title: Research and design of vortex electromagnetic wave antenna
Defu Zhang
Title: Identification of rice plant diseases using deep learning
Xinyong Dong
Title: Magnetic field sensors based on optical fibers incorporating with magnetic fluid
Ting Yang
Title: Research on new intelligent measurement method based on ubiquitous IoTs and signal processing technology
Shaohua Luo
Title: Dynamic analysis and intelligent control of special electromechanical systems and network
Tao Zhang
Title: Intelligent Manufacturing-A Case Study of Classical Thought Path Technology
Kai Wang
Title: Research on life prediction of supercapacitor based on improved long-term and short-term memory neural network
Xiaoxiao Han
Title: The digital design and advanced manufacturing of precision biological medical devices
Hui Liu
Title: Big Data Prediction Methods and Applications in Smart Logistics and Intelligent Transportation Systems
Lei Yang
Title: Choice of technology for emission control in port areas: A supply chain perspective
Weixiang Xu
Title: Research on Maintenance of Rail Transit Switch Machine Based on Big Data
Qizhou Hu
Title: The development trend and feasibility study of ultra-high-speed railway
Lixin Xu
Title: Laser full color display ​
Kewei Liu
Title: Research, preparation and application of solar blind ultraviolet photodetector
Yao Li
Title: Intelligent camouflage Technology in visible / Infrared Band
Youlin Gu
Title: Research progress on artificially prepared infrared matting materials
Yan He
Title: Mining disease markers from intestinal flora
Zhenbo Xu
Title: Microbial biofilms: an important concern in food safety
Chun Cui
Title: Research Process in New Umami Molecules and Its Enzymatic Preparation
Junyan Liu
Title: Regulatory pathway and function of pathogenic factors in human fungus: genomic or transcriptomic strategy?
Annamaria Pau
Title: Wave propagation in microstructured porous materials
Wenjie Mai
Title: The impact of materials, binders and electrolytes on K-ion storage performance
DaiBin Kuang
​Title: Metal halide single crystal for optoelectronic application
Guangming Li
Title: The roadmap of circular economy’s ecological valuating
Gordana Kierans
Title: The Circular Economy: Four Elements of Success After Expert Interviews
George Mickhail
Title: A MetaCapitalism Performance Measurement Model of Innovation in the Greater Bay Area
Lei Meng
Title: Central Bank Digital Currencies: challenges and opportunities
Haibao Huang
Title: Study on collaborative control of indoor multiple pollutants
Shanquan Wang
Title: Organohalide-respiring bacteria in polluted urban rivers employ novel bifunctional reductive dehalogenases to dechlorinate polychlorinated biphenyls and perchloroethene
Zhukui Tan
Title: Research on the power load/equipment fingerprint identification technology and its application prospect
Tao Yu
Title: Artificial intelligence analysis of load characteristics for new power systems
Steivan Defilla
Title: Financing the Energy Transition in Cities – How to Increase the Role of Green Finance
Guangjie Han
Title: Research on Multi-Dimensional Dynamic Trust Management Mechanism in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Wanyang Dai
Title: Programmable quantum computer and blockchained federated learning with applications in 6G/6G+ and future Internet
Ying Yang
Title: Intelligent Manufacturing and Application ( IMA )
Jianfeng He
Title: The Application of Information Technology and Computer in Smart Healthcare
Dongfang Yang
Title: Principles and trends of climate change
Jianjun Zhang
Title: Deep integration of blockchain and energy economy ​
Yinghui Han
Title: Application of blockchain in the environmental forensic of carbon emissions
Qingshan Li
Title: Research on Vulnerability Detection of Blockchain-Based Smart Contract
Fushuan Wen
Title: Towards the Development of a Resilient Power System
Gongli Li
Title: Intelligent Twins Help Build Smart City
Feng Shan
Title: Introduction and work plan of IEEE PES Smart Park Sub-committee
Zhikui Chen
Title: Multimodal data learning and its applications
Wei Chen
Title: A brief introduction of bionic underwater robot system