The 3rd International Academic Exchange Conference on Science and Technology Innovation & Inaugural Meeting of IEEE PES Smart Buildings, Loads, Customer Systems Committee(IAECST 2021)

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Yu Sun
Title: Development Trend of IoT Industry in China
Ruxu Du
Title: Resilient Manufacturing System
Nikolaos M. Freris
Title: From IoT to AIoT: the Cyberphysical Systems Perspective
Yulin Wang
Title: Detection of Software Code Clone
Philippe Fournier-Viger
Title: Advances and Challenges for the Automatic Discovery of Interesting Patterns in Data
Miaowen Wen
Title: Metasurface-Based Modulation
Ruimin Hu
Title: Evolution of Security in the Intelligent Era, Natural Society Understanding and Secure Computing
Jinming Wen
Title: An Introduction to Sparse Signal Recovery
Qinmin Yang
Title: Intelligent Transient Performance Enhancement Control and Its Applications in Microgrid
Xuebin Chen
Title: New Challenges to Data Security in the New Era of Infrastructure Construction
Jian Yao
Title: Augmented Reality (AR):The Next Tech Disruption in the AI+3D+5G Era
Baoyou Liu
Title: Progress in Preparation, Properties and Application of Ionic Liquids
Keyou Yan
Title: Recent Progress on Perovskite Solar Cell and Light Emitting Diode
Xinjie Lv
Title: Mid-infrared Laser Based on PPLN and It’s Applications
Xiaoxia Li
Title: Recent Advances in Electrochromic Materials and Their Application in Military
Feng Wang
Title: Research on Characteristics of Target Polarization
Zhongliang Liu
Title: Development of Liquid Pressure Energy Recovery Technologies: A Novel New Device
Steivan Defilla
Title: Less Energy, more Data – an Integrated Approach to Urban Planning
Kai Yan
Title: Eco-friendly Catalytic Conversion of Biomass-derived Monomers into Biofuels and Value-added Chemicals
Wei Chu
Title: New Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Catalysis
Qianchuan Zhao
Title: Efficient Building Operation Optimization Strategies Using Swarm Intelligence
Shengle Ren
Title: Pretreatment Technology and Intelligent Development of Camellia Oleifera Fruit
Quanxin Zhu
Title: Recent Advances and Related Topics on the Stability of Stochastic Nonlinear Systems
Kai Wang
Title: Application of Piezoelectric Nanogenerator in 3D Dynamic Sensing and Human-computer Interaction
Zhiqiang Zhang
Title: Research on Human-induced Excitation and Vibration Control of Long-span Floor Structure
Yan Xie
Title: Research on Preparation of Sea Sand Ultra High Performance Concrete and Its Application Technology in Bridge Structure Engineering
Fuyou Xu
Title: A New Experimental Method for Studying Wind-resistant Performance of Large-scale Full-bridge Aeroelastic Models in Natural Wind
Hengjia Zhang
Title: Integrated Evaluation on Soil Nutrients in Spring Maize (Zea mays) Field Subjected to Limited Irrigation
Bo Ai
Title: 5G Key Technologies for Intelligent High-Speed Railway
Qizhou Hu
Title: Development Trend and Wish of Super-high Rail
Hui Liu
Title: Transportation Energy Big Data and Smart City
Xiaoping Qiu
Title: Blockchain Based Active Information Sharing in Workflow Platform
Xiaochun Luo
Title: Microbes, Nitrogen Cycle and Biorefinery
Yang Deng
Title: Stress Resistance of VBNC Cells of Beer-spoilage Lactic Acid Bacteri
Peng Jin
Title: Effects of Physical and Chemical Treatments on the Quality of Fresh-cut Fruits and Vegetable
Gordana Kierans
Title: The Circular Economy: Four Elements of Succes
Chunhui Huo (Robin)
Title: The Transformation of National Patents for High-Technology Exports: Moderating Effects of National Cultures
Yanchun Zou
Title: Environmentally Specific Transformational Leadership and Team Pro-environmental Behaviors: The Roles of Pro-environmental Goal Clarity, Pro-environmental Harmonious Passion, and Power Distance